Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm in love with all things floral.

I had my second interview today at Urban Trade and it went amazing! The manager there (who would be my manager) was so inviting and kind. She reminded me a little bit of myself even with her foot tattoo and stretched ears. I am feeling very confident right now that I have a good chance of actually moving forward with this job and this amazing opportunity that has presented itself to me. I am just remaining positive right now and will know by the end of the week if I go in for another interview or if I did or did not get the job. Please cross your fingers for me!

I bought this bag, and a cute crystal ring from Forever 21 as a mini congrats to myself for doing such a good job on both of the interviews. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have been searching for this bag for ages. A pretty floral bag with little to no pink, and there it is... in all it's navy, red and orange glory. It's a little bit smaller than your average messenger bag and can be worn across the body or on one shoulder. The leather embellishments make it even better. This is my perfect bag!

Art updates coming tomorrow! and possibly a little facelift for the blog!
Due to my case of insomnia lately (waking up at 3 am, 3 nights in a row = not fun) The blog has a new look, I just need to upload my new signature and buttons but right now I am far too tired. I like it a lot, such an improvement.. What do you think?! 


  1. Such a beautiful bag!
    Follow each other? :)


  2. It definitely is!
    & followed you as well :).

  3. Gorgeous bag and how exciting that you bought it. I'm absolutely adore floral prints and this bag looks like a fantastic addition to any outfit. Love. Hope your day is super. xx veronika