Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog makeover! :) & another budgie!

I just got finished scanning this new budgie study and I think this is my favourite budgie thus far (I can bet you it will be Spencer's as well!). I hope no one is too sick of them just yet (Sorry!) I was actually a lot more loose when I drew him. I didn't spend a lot of time getting the perfect proportions from the start and achieved that as I kept sketching. I started out with a lot of gesture lines and I think when I am able to draw like that is when I am most successful. I quickly added in "Nana" to start thinking about placement, size and type. I'm contemplating making a copy and rendering him complete later tonight so expect an update!

Still waiting to hear back from my interviews (I mean, it has only been a day.), I am assuming they are contacting my references and everything so I am not stressed out yet! Still so excited though! And in case you didn't notice (which is actually impossible) I changed the appearance of the blog. I think it looks a lot more refined and polished now compared to what I threw together quickly when I first created it. Definitely keeping it like this for a while.. It kind of feels like I have found myself in a way, and now know how I want to represent my work and life to the blogging world!

P.S. Just realized I am featured as number 2 on the "Up and Coming" Art blogs in Canada on Blog Lovin' :)! 

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