Monday, July 04, 2011

Oh, panda bear.

I started this painting a few weeks ago for my boyfriend Spencer. He recently redid his room which was originally steel grey and red, to pay homeage to his favourite football team as a child. Thankfully, he enlisted my help and the walls are now a soft, almost minty, green colour  and the furniture is a medium oak brown and white inside his closet. He asked me to do a series of paintings for him (since his walls have been left bare) and this is the beginning of the first one. It will also feature a panda bear, munching on some leaves, when it is finished. As it in not finished, this is a little sneak peak I put together.
As for the subject of the next one in the series... you'll have to wait and see.

Painting seems to be my biggest stress relief these days since I can't afford retail therapy. But I am glad I can spend this time focusing on something which I had become a stranger to during my college years.

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