Monday, July 18, 2011

Budgies: Work in progress.

I have been pretty busy the past 2 days. First spending Saturday in the states where I picked up some things for both me and Spencer and then second spending Sunday with Spencer and his family. But I did manage to sketch out some ideas for Spencer's budgie tattoo this morning. I put them in order from my most to least favourite (although I do really enjoy the curving branch in the third one).. Maybe I could incorporate that with a different pose of some sort. I plan to do some more sketches with budgies in flight and holding banners that have "Nana" written on them. 

I think it would be pretty amazing if Spencer chose one of my designs for his tattoo. I wouldn't be offended if the tattoo artist were to redraw it at all (especially because he wants it very realistic) but it would be very neat to have come up the layout/idea of it.. I will keeps my fingers crossed!

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