Friday, July 15, 2011

Nana & her boy Joey.

My boyfriend Spencer has been thinking about getting a tattoo lately as a tribute to his Nana. She is 91 years old, still wears high heels and is so full of life. I don't think there is anything that could bring her down. After spending so much time with her on birthdays, Sunday night dinners, and escorting her home afterwards, I have (in a way) adopted her as my own Nana since my grandmothers have both passed away and I never had the opportunity to meet either of my grandfathers. I admire her strength, independence, and ability to laugh about her age and hope she lives to actually be 101 like everyone tries to convince her she already is.

She shares her little apartment with her boy Joey, a bright blue and white budgie who is a little camera shy. You can tell by the way she talks about him that she really enjoys his company and wouldn't trade him for any other bird out there. Therefore, it is only fitting that he be apart of a tattoo about her. Spencer plans to get a portrait of him, possibly on a branch, with "Nana" in classic script beside. Last week, Spencer and I attempted to catch some pictures of him as reference for his new tattoo. I have then taken it upon myself, without Spencer's knowledge or request (until he reads this) to begin designing and drawing little Joey. I started out drawing more basic birds, and then began sketching little Joey. These are some of my sketches so far, I think I am on the right track. Sorry for the poor quality, I had to use my point and shoot camera. Once I sketch more and have the chance to perfect and outline them I will scan them!

Left: Joey / Right: Sparrow-like bird
For reference, this is Joey!

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